Body shaming is one of the most revolting thing a person could do. I’m a rather “skinny” guy, therefore as you can probably guess, I’ve been body shamed ever since I was old enough to go to primary school. I’ve been asked a myriad of questions regarding my weight in the rudest way possible. For instance, I was openly asked in front of my entire class if I was an anorexic person by a classmate and just quite a few days ago, I was asked if I was on drugs or if I had some form of disease. In spite of the possibility that those questions were asked in a joking manner, it still does not make it okay. I had to force a laugh despite feeling utterly ashamed and mortified of how I looked. Although it wasn’t the first time I was asked those three particular questions, it still left me genuinely upset as it always would.

Throughout my 18 years of living, not11d0814e821b97dd566664a93c847c08 once did I feel confident in my own skin and just thinking about it makes me upset. I felt appalling and hideous to the point where I could no longer wear shorts or a short sleeved T-shirt. And if I do wear a short sleeved T-shirt, I always throw on a hoodie regardless of how sunny and hot the day is, merely to conceal my hands. Everytime someone questions me about my weight, I give them the only solid and genuine reason there is. I have an extremely fast metabolism, meaning everything I consume is broken down super fast, hence I’m not able to gain a single pound, no matter how hard I try. And believe me, I have tried to the extent where I would force myself to eat a proper meal every 3 hours, irrespective of whether or not my stomach would be able to take it. It made me feel like I was about to throw up everytime. I’ve done a lot of things because I felt so uncomfortable and ashamed of my physical appearance. All I ever wanted..all I ever want, is to look normal and feel normal so I would fit in. After recently being body shamed again, I no longer felt the excitement of going to university. I got paranoid that everyone would just stare at me and make false assumptions.


   I’ve been constantly texting and calling all my friends merely to ask them if they’ve ever regarded me a certain way before they truly understood why I looked the way I looked and all of them made me realise that it’s not about how others perceive you. The only thing that matters is how you perceive yourself and if you succumb to everyone else’s perception of you, you truly will be in despair. I was told to not pay heed to negative remarks about my weight and live my life. It took me a long time to follow the advice and to be quite frank, I still feel upset sometimes but I am working on it.

   Body shaming is a profoundly rude thing to do. Don’t call someone “skinny” or “thin”. Don’t call someone “fat” or “big”. Just don’t. It hurts one’s feeling and simple words such as those can massively affect them in ways you cannot possibly imagine. We’re all beautiful and we just need to realize that.



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