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We all desire to better ourselves, do we not? I for one know I do. Trying to mould yourself into a better person may be a difficult task but I assure you, it is well and truly worth it.

  • Accepting Failure.

For starters, you have to accept failure. This may be a difficult thing to do but I give you my word, once you’re able to do so, you will lead a happier life. I’ve encountered many people in the march of time who fear failure and I understand, for I once did too. There was a point in my life where I started asking myself why. “Why do I fear failing?”. The answer was simple. A part of it was due to my anxiety but there was indeed another part fuelling it. Disappointment. I was afraid of being a disappointment, hence I felt the need to ensure everything goes perfectly well. It wasn’t simply a fear of being a disappointment to other people but it was a fear of being a disappointment to myself as well, if that makes sense. It soon dawned on me that failing is a part of life. Everyone has failed before but it is okay. It’s okay to fail. It’s genuinely okay. Failing doesn’t matter because you you tried. All you need to do is find the courage to rise and try again. The sooner you realise failure is nothing to be afraid of, the sooner you will be able to amend yourself. After all, fear is the devil’s greatest illusion.


  • Optimism and positivity.

Being positive is one thing, but staying positive is another. We’re all constantly being consumed by negative thoughts. The ironic thing about me writing this snippet of advice is the fact that I am what you call, a pessimist. But I am genuinely trying to push the negativity aside. I’m a beckon for negativity at the moment but I intend to be more positive this year. Negative thoughts love to penetrate our minds and in order to remain positive, you have to always look on the bright side of things and the prospect of something going right instead of wrong. This is a hard thing to do but I assure you, you won’t regret it, for positivity is the key to a happy life.


  • Forgive yourself

You may find forgiving yourself rather difficult but you can’t live your life constantly blaming yourself and dwelling on your past mistakes. Again, me writing this is ironic, for I am constantly dwelling on the past regardless of how long it has been since that particular thing transpired. Although, I’ve come to realise it is making my life miserable and I need to put a stop to this if I ever intend to improve myself. As the saying goes, the past is the past, live in the now (I think that’s how it goes but I probably made it up). You have to forgive yourself because everyone make mistakes and it’s okay because we are after all, mere humans.



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