I wasn’t really much of a youtube person as much as I was a twitter person but a couple years ago, a friend introduced me to the wonders of Youtube and I found myself waiting excitedly for school to end everyday merely so I’d be able to come home, throw on some cosy pj’s and watch my favourite Youtubers whilst sipping tea from my fancy looking mug. Despite having many Youtubers on my favourites list, I intend to share my top 4 favourite Youtubers of all time, for I’ve watched their videos for the longest amount of time than I have the rest.

  • The name inked at the very top of my list for her impeccable character and wit, is none-other than the famous British youtuber/author/blogger, Zoe Sugg, otherwise known as Zoella. She is by far one of the most genuine and honest person I’ve ever known. She currently has over 11,000,000 subscribers on her main Youtube channel and if that doesn’t convince you of her remarkable personality, watching one of her videos would surely do it. A little warning : Once you start, you can’t bring yourself to click exit. I wouldn’t be able to put her into a particular category if I tried, for her content varies from one category to another. She gives honest opinions on certain brands and things whether it’s makeup or homeware. Every so often, she does hauls and if you’re one of those people who loves shopping but has good taste in everything, hence being picky , you’d be delighted to know that she has wonderful taste. This is evident through her choice of items to put in her trolley. She does quite a bit of baking as well for festive seasons such as Christmas and Easter and I can bravely admit, she bakes remarkably well. If you’re confused about what treats to make during a festive season – or on a normal day – and need some ideas, I’d suggest you to drop by her channel. Apart from baking, she does random fun videos as well. Videos that you would find yourself in stitches if you clicked on them. Collaborations with her best friend, Mark are my ultimate favourite videos and I can guarantee you would love them. Moreover, she has a second Youtube channel where she gives her fans a little insight into her life so feel free to check it out too. 

Main Channel : Zoella

Second Channel : MoreZoella

  • Below Zoe, lies another name. He is well known for buying crazy fun things merely to entertain his audience which manifests his love for them. He goes by the name of Alfie Deyes or rather known as PointlessBlog. Fun fact : He is Zoe Sugg’s boyfriend. How fortunate is he to have her as his girlfriend? Moving on, he does fun entertaining videos. Although he isn’t a frequent uploader, I still recommend watching his videos because it is simply amazing. He is however a daily vlogger so if you’re like me and love watching other people live their lives, I highly suggest you check out his second channel, called PointlessBlogVlogs. Furthermore, he does quite a fair bit of gaming as well. There isn’t much to say about him apart from how outgoing, friendly and funny he is. 

Main Channel : PointlessBlog

Second Channel : PointlessBlogVlogs

Gaming Channel : PointlessBlogGames 

  • Joe Sugg or ThatcherJoe takes the third spot on the list. If you look closely, the family resemblance is there. Joe is evidently the brother to the famous Zoella. He is a profoundly creative youtuber who has came up with remarkably entertaining content that differs from your typical youtuber content. He is well and truly known for his constant pranks, especially on his ex roommate, Caspar Lee and to be frank, I’ve watched almost all of them several times. He has an incredible wit and a confident personality. If you need a good laugh, you have to check out his channel. You won’t be disappointed, I promise. He vlogs more often than not and runs a gaming channel as well. Personally, I freakin’ love his gaming videos. 

Main Channel : ThatcherJoe

Second Channel : ThatcherJoeVlogs

Gaming Channel : ThatcherJoeGames 

Last but by no means least, Ali Gordon. His real name is Alister but for some reason, he prefers Ali. I find Alister to be quite a cool name, to be completely honest. His content is rather different from the rest of the youtubers I’ve listed above but I genuinely enjoy it. He is a fashion and fitness blogger and his videos essentially revolves around those two aspects. If you love aesthetic things, you’d without a doubt love his style of filming, for it is pure perfection. He does quite some vlogging as well so you might enjoy it as I do. 

Channel : Ali Gordon

Over the years, I’ve grown exponentially thanks to these wonderful people. They taught me to be kind, to value family and friends, to take risks and never give up. I love them more than I can ever convey in words 

Other Youtubers you might find entertaining : –

  • Zane Hijazi
  • Liza Koshy
  • David Dobrik 
  • Heath Hussar
  • SarahClose1 ( Does covers) 

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